Tokyo Travels

Lovely Tokyo travel story from I found the story exciting because we just had our first trip to Tokyo 4 months ago (felt like an eternity). It also gives you a different perspective, a narrating style per say, from my reviews of attractions in Tokyo. We’ve been to the same places (except that we didnt go to like half of them). Shinjuku Gyoen national garden, Yoyogi park and Imperial Palace are definitely next on our list. Something worth sharing.

p/s: for those who dont know the hand sign in the picture, it’s ‘Aloha’ from Hawaii, meaning welcome 🙂

Living Hilo Style

We left Fukuoka for Tokyo this morning. We did not have reserved seats on the leg from Hakata to Shin-Osaka so we made sure to get to the train platform early and stand in line so that we would be assured of getting our seat on this 2 1/2 hour train ride. At the subsequent stops, there were so many people coming on the train that people were standing in the aisle for this trip. We were lucky to have gotten on the train when we did. We could eat our bento while seated and relax and even take a nap. The next shinkansen leg was from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo and we had reserved seats on so we were relaxed and happy when catching the next train. After arriving at Tokyo station, the first thing we did was find the McDonalds in Tokyo Station. There were a couple of limited…

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