WordPress – How to improve your blog

Ever since I started blogging on WordPress, I’ve been looking for different ways to improve my blog. There are many things you can do with WordPress as it offers many great tools and features. The question is which ones work best for you and how you can use them to improve your blog’s usability and accessibility. Continue reading


Blog refresh

Just a very short post to announce some of the changes I made this morning. Continue reading

Website mission

Not long ago, my mom was visiting us from Vietnam. One of her usual missions was to bring us as much food as she can, and cook as much dishes as possible during her short stay here. There is always this assumption about us starving in Canada as we dont have any food to eat. While that is not true, we always enjoy her food.

Anyway, this time, there is another thing that she wants: a website for her classes. Continue reading

What you can do with WordPress


Although WordPress is a blogging platform, you can do much more than blogging. For example, you can disable blog/comment to make it looks like a static website (for advertising businesses). Or you can make it work like a discussion forum with multiple authors, contributors, moderators. Continue reading