Something Worth Sharing

Something worth sharing is an idea I had one morning and a solution to several struggles I have.

I’ve always wanted to share great stories and ideas that I think would inspire my friends and also help raising awareness in the process. Continue reading

Do what matters

I’m what you call “a slow poke”. Not sure what it means but it doesnt matter. What I meant is I’m very slow at getting to current trend, namely social media. Continue reading


The Fault in Our Stars


Vancouver – Food truck festival

Last weekend, we went to downtown Vancouver for a bit of shopping frenzy as we call it. Besides the random urge and a long list of shopping, there arent many reasons to go to downtown. Continue reading


The key to happiness


The above picture was taken 3 years ago when I had my first trip with my girlfriend to Victoria, Vancouver Island. We, her brother and a bro-friend of mine went visiting Butchart Garden, an overly famous place when you come to Victoria. It’s a nice garden for those who love flowers and dont mind the pricey tag. I’ve been there more times than I can count so I’m a bit tired of it. Continue reading


There is a first to everything

This is my first post 🙂

Here is a story how I started all this.

Above is my family, dad me mom bro. It was taken at Banff, Alberta, Canada, on a chilly morning of Winter 2013. Great place to visit if you ever come to Alberta.

That is all.

“The first draft of everything is shit.” – Hemingway