PokemonGO: Gotta Go catch them all!

In case you havent noticed, the world has once again been dominated by those creatures called Pokemon! This time in a digital form, thanks to Niantic Inc.! For those who cant play it yet (yes you can) or still deciding if you should spend your life catching Pokemon, I made this just for you. Enjoy! Continue reading


Hitch hike in Japan

Another amazing adventure by Joyce. She goes by the name of Local Girl Foreign Land, which I think is a splendid name for a girl who travels a lot, solo and spontaneous too! This is just one of the many experiences of her Japan travel that I wish I could experience myself one day. Something worth sharing.


Week 4: Assassin’s Creed

I came across Vicki’s and Su’s amazing drawing blog withtwosugarsplease a while ago and I’ve been hooked to it ever since. Every week they take turn to come up with a topic and do their best to produce a piece within a week, using materials and ideas of choices. I love all their pieces. You can tell each piece has a unique story to it with the unmistaken personality of the owner. Last week’s Assassin’s Creed was my favorite.

If you are inspired by drawings and arts, checkout their work. What’s best is you can drop a comment and let them know what you want to see next. They actually answered my call and we’ll have a League of Legends theme next! Something worth sharing.

With Two Sugars, Please

Happy Friday everyone!

So while last week’s challenge was pretty fun, but Week 4 has been a bit challenging for us both – Su’s had a pretty busy and exciting week at work on top of being unwell, while I was caught up in the drama of the Kumamoto Earthquakes in Japan (luckily – my town only had some strong shaking and no damage but it’s a long story – you can read about it on my blog!)

But regardless, we both managed to pull through and draw our pictures. Which I’m glad we both did – if anything it was a test of our dedication to the project and we both stuck to it.

This week’s theme was Su’s choice and she picked the Assassin’s Creed universe – the challenge being to draw us both in a scenario relating to the games. This series has been one…

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50 Shades of Japanese

A very insightful and personal story from Inkling about racism in Japan. Racism, discrimination, stereotyping, whatever you call it, is a rather serious issue but has become invisible in the eyes of travelers and the Japanese themselves.

To respond to Inkling’s rhetorical question “…does that mean that Japan’s free of racism, or that because it’s less visible it’s more okay?” No, of course not! In fact, invisible racism is much much worse. I myself never thought of it before reading this article (thanks again for sharing).

“Quite a few people who’ve lived in Japan longer that I have, say that no matter how long they live in Japan, no matter how well they know Japanese, they are still treated as an outsider.” I bet some of you understand this feeling, wherever your country of residence. Racism is every where, and need to be dealt with. First step is understand what it is and how you can help combating it (raising awareness).

It’s a long post but I encourage you to read on. Inkling has done an amazing job making it educational and entertaining at the same time. Something worth sharing.

An Inkling

I know, I know, I’m following a terrible trend. There are so many 50 Shades posts right now it’s unbelievable. I think 50 Shades is outdoing The Interview on the controversy level right now. Anyway, if you’re here to read about 50 Shades of Grey, you’re in the wrong place. I’m sure you can find something else to read rather quickly.

Actually, I wanted to talk a little bit about racism in Japan, and as 50 Shades was everywhere I looked, I realized it would be a good pun for this blog post that could be interpreted a few different ways. I’ll let you decide what it means.

Part of this post was written a year or so ago and saved in my drafts. I hadn’t finished it because I felt there was too much to talk about, and I would be doing the topic an injustice.

But this week…

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Something Worth Sharing

Something worth sharing is an idea I had one morning and a solution to several struggles I have.

I’ve always wanted to share great stories and ideas that I think would inspire my friends and also help raising awareness in the process. Continue reading


Tokyo Travels

Lovely Tokyo travel story from I found the story exciting because we just had our first trip to Tokyo 4 months ago (felt like an eternity). It also gives you a different perspective, a narrating style per say, from my reviews of attractions in Tokyo. We’ve been to the same places (except that we didnt go to like half of them). Shinjuku Gyoen national garden, Yoyogi park and Imperial Palace are definitely next on our list. Something worth sharing.

p/s: for those who dont know the hand sign in the picture, it’s ‘Aloha’ from Hawaii, meaning welcome 🙂

Living Hilo Style

We left Fukuoka for Tokyo this morning. We did not have reserved seats on the leg from Hakata to Shin-Osaka so we made sure to get to the train platform early and stand in line so that we would be assured of getting our seat on this 2 1/2 hour train ride. At the subsequent stops, there were so many people coming on the train that people were standing in the aisle for this trip. We were lucky to have gotten on the train when we did. We could eat our bento while seated and relax and even take a nap. The next shinkansen leg was from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo and we had reserved seats on so we were relaxed and happy when catching the next train. After arriving at Tokyo station, the first thing we did was find the McDonalds in Tokyo Station. There were a couple of limited…

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WordPress – How to improve your blog

Ever since I started blogging on WordPress, I’ve been looking for different ways to improve my blog. There are many things you can do with WordPress as it offers many great tools and features. The question is which ones work best for you and how you can use them to improve your blog’s usability and accessibility. Continue reading


Things to do in Japan

In previous post, my girlfriend talked about accommodations in Japan. In this post, I’ll focus on things to do while you are there as well as some tips.

Japan is the most amazing and entertaining country I’ve been to. There should be no shortage of things to do there, whether it’s art, food, culture, scenery, entertainment, shopping, weird stuffs (see here for a list of specific attractions in Tokyo. There are many things but I’ve boiled it down to some unique and fun stuffs that you can easily do while in Japan.
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Attractions in Tokyo

As promised, below is a list of attractions in Tokyo. I’ve categorized them by interests and the time when you should visit. I also listed some suggestions for day trips from Tokyo. Together with my list of things to do in Japan, you should be well equipped for your adventure in Tokyo!
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Accommodations in Japan

I was never a big fan of Japan. To me, Japan means strict traditions and conservative people. I always thought of Japan as a typical Asian country which is why it is not that appealing to someone who grew up in Asia like me. My boyfriend, Tri, however has always been dreaming about visiting and living in Japan. Last year, we were debating whether to spend our vacation in Mexico or Japan. Out of the odds, there was this amazing flight deal to Tokyo so we booked our flights right away. Being an obsessive vacation planner, I dived into looking up on what to do in Japan so we could hit as many places as possible. To my surprise, the more I read about Japanese culture and history, the more I got attracted to this country. Continue reading