Vancouver – Food truck festival

Last weekend, we went to downtown Vancouver for a bit of shopping frenzy as we call it. Besides the random urge and a long list of shopping, there arent many reasons to go to downtown. Continue reading

Website mission

Not long ago, my mom was visiting us from Vietnam. One of her usual missions was to bring us as much food as she can, and cook as much dishes as possible during her short stay here. There is always this assumption about us starving in Canada as we dont have any food to eat. While that is not true, we always enjoy her food.

Anyway, this time, there is another thing that she wants: a website for her classes. Continue reading


There is a first to everything

This is my first post 🙂

Here is a story how I started all this.

Above is my family, dad me mom bro. It was taken at Banff, Alberta, Canada, on a chilly morning of Winter 2013. Great place to visit if you ever come to Alberta.

That is all.

“The first draft of everything is shit.” – Hemingway