Week 4: Assassin’s Creed

I came across Vicki’s and Su’s amazing drawing blog withtwosugarsplease a while ago and I’ve been hooked to it ever since. Every week they take turn to come up with a topic and do their best to produce a piece within a week, using materials and ideas of choices. I love all their pieces. You can tell each piece has a unique story to it with the unmistaken personality of the owner. Last week’s Assassin’s Creed was my favorite.

If you are inspired by drawings and arts, checkout their work. What’s best is you can drop a comment and let them know what you want to see next. They actually answered my call and we’ll have a League of Legends theme next! Something worth sharing.

With Two Sugars, Please

Happy Friday everyone!

So while last week’s challenge was pretty fun, but Week 4 has been a bit challenging for us both – Su’s had a pretty busy and exciting week at work on top of being unwell, while I was caught up in the drama of the Kumamoto Earthquakes in Japan (luckily – my town only had some strong shaking and no damage but it’s a long story – you can read about it on my blog!)

But regardless, we both managed to pull through and draw our pictures. Which I’m glad we both did – if anything it was a test of our dedication to the project and we both stuck to it.

This week’s theme was Su’s choice and she picked the Assassin’s Creed universe – the challenge being to draw us both in a scenario relating to the games. This series has been one…

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