Do what matters

I’m what you call “a slow poke”. Not sure what it means but it doesnt matter. What I meant is I’m very slow at getting to current trend, namely social media.

I just created my Instagram minutes ago thanks to Facebook making it several clicks away (and my girlfriend told me so because she also just made it via Facebook). She’s also a slightly faster slow poke.

Joined Snapchat couple months ago, Twitter couple months before that, both of which I left in dust. Anyway, you get the point, I have been behind the social media¬† technology world by a couple years. And I’m okay with it (until someone pointed out how much I have been missing).

I enjoy reading. I also enjoy writing on random things (like this one). But I found myself doing less of these things lately. At some points I tried to fix it, post more and share my stories, but I just couldnt find a time to do so. Then I realized I dont really have to. The world dont need my silly stories.

It’s ironic that people who seem inactive on social media are actually most active in real life. And it makes perfect sense: they are too busy with their life to have time or even remember to post pictures. They focus on more important thing: enjoy the moment. Be it a trip, an adventure, or simply a normal day at work, a fine dinner, playing some sports, listening to music, netflixing movies, sleeping, being with the one you love, you dont have to share it with everyone. What matters is it happens with those who matter.

So go on and hang out with your loves. Spend time with them and do things that matter.


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