Vancouver – Food truck festival

Last weekend, we went to downtown Vancouver for a bit of shopping frenzy as we call it. Besides the random urge and a long list of shopping, there arent many reasons to go to downtown. Just kidding, there are countless reasons: sight seeing, drinking, day dreaming, St Paddy day, working, not-working, you name it. The part I like about shopping downtown is the outdoor-ness. You get to shop outside, on the streets, not locked up in a mall. Downtown also gives me this nostalgic feeling when I look at the old and new buildings and the people walking below.

Anyway, that was then we spotted this food truck festival going on. Unlike Summer, an outdoor festival like this is rare in the Winter. However, it was a warm and cozy day with no winds. The kind that’s perfect for outdoor chilling.

Here is a taste of that morning

A taste of downtown

A taste of down town Vancouver

We originally wanted to find some food on Robson street, Japa-dogs perhaps, but as soon as I saw this festival, I knew it was decided. Phuong was sprinting right into it while I was thinking “this could be a great blogging material”. Good things I always have my camera ready (and by camera, I mean my Nexus 4).


The banner sums it all: “Celebrating 25 years of downtown awesomeness”. You should come here if you want a bit of that awesome 🙂

Below you can find pictures of the food trucks. Beware of the tank and the Inu Shiba



2 thoughts on “Vancouver – Food truck festival

    • We only had a Philippinos style braised pork with rice. And it was really good. They also had Indians, Caribbean, French, Japanese food. But they didnt look filled-full so we passed on those.



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